Emalla Tattoo Brand - The Hottest and the Most Niche

Emalla Tattoo Brand - The Most popular and the Most Niche

When you think of Emalla, you probably think of the cartridges as well as the cordless machines, but did you know that we also sell these?The cartridges and machines are very popular items, so we h...
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MAKE TATTOOING SAFE: Understand The Risks And Precautions

With the growing popularity of tattoos, the first issue that tattoo artists and enthusiasts are concerned about is how to make tattooing safe.
Stay tuned of Emalla brand new tattoo wireless pen machine and its contour
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How to choose tattoo wireless pen?

Are you used to tattooing with traditional coil machine, rotary machine or the latest wireless pen? Most tattooers that have experienced the freedom of a wireless machine won’t go back to cables. T...