Emalla Tattoo Brand - The Hottest and the Most Niche

Emalla Tattoo Brand - The Most popular and the Most Niche

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When you think of Emalla, you probably think of the cartridges as well as the cordless machines, but did you know that we also sell these?
The cartridges and machines are very popular items, so we have introduced a second generation of cartridges as well as in the near future we will be releasing the Grand Wireless Pen Machine in different colors, which I will cover later in the article. But first let's turn our attention to those items you may not know about.

So this blog will be divided into three sections, Niche Products, Upcoming Products and Popular Products, check them out!

Niche products

 1.Emalla Black Logo T-shirt

A basic black t-shirt, it's perfect for wearing while working in the studio and at tattoo conventions. Have you seen it at a tattoo convention?

On the chest is the Emalla logo and the tagline - Make Tattooing Safe. It is also our vision to make every tattooing process safe and perfect.

emlla black logo t-shirt

2.Emalla Grand Wireless Battery Pack 🔋

Battery sold separately! Ideal for use as an alternative under long working hours or to take with you when you are on the go.
⚡ Battery Capacity : 1800mAh
⚡ Battery Type: Lithium battery
⚡ Charger Input: USB-C
⚡ Jump Start Function
⚡ Voltage Memory Function
⚡ Can be switched to RCA plug

Emalla Grand Wireless Battery Pack

3.Emalla Black Flat Bill Baseball Cap & Black Peaked Baseball Cap

Two different caps but both cool, which one do you like better? Perfect for pairing with Emalla's t-shirts or your own clothes.

Emalla Black Flat Bill Baseball Cap & Black Peaked Baseball Cap

Upcoming New Products

1.Different Colors EMALLA Grand Wireless Machine

Right now we only have one black color, and while that's cool, who would say no to more colors?

Available colors are coming soon!


emalla grand wireless pen machine with different colors

2.Emalla Cohesive Wraps

An exciting attempt!
• Latex-free
• Individually wrapped
• Different Color Options
• Self-adhesive grip bandages
• Porous, lightweight, and comfortable to wear

emalla colorful cohesive wraps

Popular Products

Just in case any of some readers haven't used Emalla products yet, we're going to reintroduce three of the hottest products, the first-generation cartridges, the second-generation cartridges, and the wireless machine, the Grand.

1.Emalla Eliot cartridge needles

As Emalla's first cartridge, it has already been widely acclaimed within tattoo artists for its sharpness, stability, safety, and smoothness.With constant updates, there are 305 models. Whether you're a novice tattoo artist or a professional artist who has been immersed in the tattoo industry for years, you'll be able to find the right cartridge for you.

Emalla Eliot cartridge needles

2.Emalla Eliot Pro cartridge needles

As an upgrade from the first generation of cartridges, it has the following advantages:

• Add stabilizer to make cartridges more stable
• Different colors for different model
• Different vent design
• Different non-slip design

Emalla Eliot Pro cartridge needles

3.Emalla Grand Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine

As the latest wireless machine to be introduced, the Grand has seven adjustable strokes.It fits any style of tattoo.It is because of its popularity with tattoo artists that Emalla is planning to release different colors, as mentioned above.


Emalla Grand Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine

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