Black Friday 2023: The Best Hot Products

Black Friday 2023: The Best Hot Products

Friends, are you ready for the biggest discount of 2023, Black Friday?But before we officially kick off the event, let's take a look at what are the best buys to get your cart ready! I've divided t...
five beautiful colorful tattoos and article title

MAKE TATTOOING SAFE: Understand The Risks And Precautions

With the growing popularity of tattoos, the first issue that tattoo artists and enthusiasts are concerned about is how to make tattooing safe.
Emalla grand wireless tattoo machine pen
emalla machine

everything about Emalla Grand

EMALLA Grand--EMALLA recently launched a wireless tattoo machine pen that is popular among tattoo artists for its high-end quality and powerful features..In this blog, we take a closer look at the ...
Stay tuned of Emalla brand new tattoo wireless pen machine and its contour
emalla machine

How to choose tattoo wireless pen?

Are you used to tattooing with traditional coil machine, rotary machine or the latest wireless pen? Most tattooers that have experienced the freedom of a wireless machine won’t go back to cables. T...
Package and individual of Emalla Eliot cartridge needles made of medical grade material
emalla cartridges


What is EMALLA?EMALLA is one of the biggest tattoo equipment brands in China.The main products include high quality cartridge needles、tattoo wireless pen machine、etc. What are we doing? The slogan ...

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