How to pick a wireless pen?

In the ever-evolving world of tattoos, wireless pen machines have become essential tools, allowing artists to work without the constraints of cables and cords. However, with the wide variety of wireless tattoo machines available on the market, it’s essential to know how to choose the right one that suits your needs. In this article, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when selecting a wireless tattoo machine and introduce EMALLA GRAND Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine.

What to Look for in Your Ideal Wireless Tattoo Machine

When searching for the perfect machine to meet your needs, there are various parameters to evaluate. While individual preferences may vary, the rules of thumb are somewhat universal. Here are the key aspects to keep in mind.

Novel Features

Look for a wireless tattoo machine that introduces novel features to enhance your tattooing experience. Seek innovation in design or functionality that sets the machine apart from others in the market. Whether it's advanced technology, cutting-edge design, or distinctive functionalities, prioritize machines that bring something new and exciting to the table.


It is crucial to select a wireless tattoo pen with high-quality manufacturing and dependable performance. Evaluate user reviews and consider the brand's reputation to ensure both product quality and durability.

Safety and Comfort

Tattoo artists often engage in prolonged tattoo sessions, making it crucial to choose a wireless tattoo pen with ergonomic design, operational safety, and user comfort. Consider whether the design of the wireless tattoo pen aligns with ergonomic principles and if it is easy to clean and maintain. Opt for a user-friendly, safe, and comfortable wireless tattoo pen to enhance work efficiency and minimize operational fatigue.


When contemplating the purchase of a wireless tattoo pen, it's essential to strike a balance between price and features. Select a product that not only meets your tattooing requirements but also aligns with your budget.


If you're up-to-date with the latest trends and appreciate the convenience of wireless technology, you'll know that wireless tattoo pens have become incredibly popular, capturing the market and people's hearts. And with good reason – just as the name suggests! These devices embody the next generation of innovative products, designed to provide a more flexible and convenient experience during the tattooing process. Operating without the constraints of cables, these wireless machines effortlessly handle various tattoo styles. That's why the top recommendation is the Emalla Grand Wireless Tattoo Pen.





As mentioned earlier, when it comes to wireless tattoo machines, the EMALLA Grand Pen comes highly recommended. This wireless tattoo pen stands out with its adjustable-stroke feature, making it suitable for various tattoo styles. With this design, it provides greater flexibility in handling different tattoo details and curves, offering tattoo artists more creative freedom.

EMALLA GRAND PEN is an exceptional choice, especially working on a variety of tattoo styles. This wireless tattoo machine is equipped with a plethora of noteworthy features that set it apart.

Adjustable Stroke

One of the standout features of the Emalla Grand Tattoo Pen is its adjustable stroke design, offering a total of 7 strokes: 2.4mm, 2.7mm, 3.0mm, 3.3mm, 3.6mm, 3.9mm, and 4.2mm. This allows tattoo artists to customize the stroke length based on different tattoo styles and requirements. It provides greater flexibility for intricate linework, filling, or shading, ensuring that artists can achieve a variety of tattoo effects.

Our sponsored tattoo artist @ken.inkaholiks shares his positive experience with the Emalla Grand Wireless Machine: “I use the Emalla Grand Wireless Machine with an adjustable type from 2.4mm to 4.2mm; perfect versatility for any type of tattoo. Personally, I adjust the typing to 3.9mm, which, for me, is ideal for fine lines, filling, and shading with precision.” He further adds, “The machine engine is constant, combining power and smoothness.”




Display Screen

Equipped with a display screen, the device offers clear visibility of crucial information such as battery voltage, remaining power and working time, providing real-time monitoring for tattoo artists. Our sponsored tattoo artist @simonzooktattoo shared "it has adjustable Stroke for different applications, plus a wireless battery which is more comfortable when tattooing with screen indicating voltage and charge level, all this together with Emalla Eliot cartridges make the perfect match for our tattoos."

The jump start function enables the device to rapidly reach a voltage of 9V within 0.2 seconds, enhancing responsiveness and overall work efficiency. Moreover, the device automatically powers off after 5 minutes of inactivity, conserving energy and prolonging device lifespan. This intelligent design provides convenience for tattoo artists, allowing them to focus on their craft without concerns about unnecessary energy consumption.

Modular Choice

The Emalla Grand Pen offers two modules: wireless and traditional, providing flexibility for artists. They can easily switch between the Power Pack and RCA Plug modules, choosing the one that suits their convenience.

In wireless mode, the Emalla Grand Pen is equipped with a high-capacity 1800mAh lithium battery, delivering excellent battery life. With just 1.5 hours of charging time, it provides 4-7 hours of runtime for daily tattoo tasks. When the battery runs out, they can switch to the traditional version for uninterrupted tattooing.

Ergonomic Design

The Emalla Grand Tattoo Pen follows ergonomic principles by incorporating a lower center of gravity, providing tattoo artists with a more comfortable grip and enhanced control. The textured patterns on the body not only increase friction for easy adjustments but also facilitate more precise control. Additionally, the design cleverly integrates anti-rolling grooves, preventing the pen from accidentally rolling.

For those primarily seeking a wireless tattoo machine, the Emalla Grand Pen is an outstanding option that brings its own set of unique features to the table.



Different Colors

Currently, in addition to black, it is also available in three colors - blue, pink, and silver. Which one do you prefer?

EMALLA GRAND Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine with different colors available


In Conclusion

Choosing a suitable wireless tattoo machine involves considering factors such as novel features, quality, price, safe and comfort, among others. The introduction of wireless tattoo machine like EMALLA GRAND PEN adds a new dimension to safe tattoo, offering enhanced flexibility and convenience. Carefully assess your tattooing needs and preferences to select the machine that best suits you, ensuring a convenient and comfortable experience at tattooing process.

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