Black Friday 2023: The Best Hot Products

Black Friday 2023: The Best Hot Products

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Friends, are you ready for the biggest discount of 2023, Black Friday?
But before we officially kick off the event, let's take a look at what are the best buys to get your cart ready!

I've divided this blog into five sections, the most popular, the most newly launched, the most special, the most cost-effective, and the most suitable for newbies. At the end of the article is the most anticipated biggest discount of the year.

Find what you like best and need most, add them to your cart and then take them with you at the event!

1.The Most Popular

Needless to say, the most popular must be the Emalla Eliot Cartridge Needles. With our constant updates, this product has an amazing 305 models. Every style, every genre will find the perfect fit from this product. Big grouping Magnum, Special Stipple Liner, Mixed sizes, we are always working on the most unique designs and services for tattoo artists.

Emalla Eliot Cartridge Needles
Emalla Eliot Cartridge Needles
Emalla Eliot Cartridge Needles
Emalla Eliot Cartridge Needles

2.The Most Newly Launched

The second generation of the cartridges, Emalla Eliot Pro, has just been launched less than half a year ago and has already received a lot of positive feedback.

The first question most in tattoo artists have when confronted with it is, how is it different from the first generation? There are three main answers to this question:
1.The biggest difference is that in the new generation we have added a stabilizer which will make the cartridge more stable.
2. In addition to that, the different colors make it clearer to differentiate between the different models.
3.We also used a different vent design as well as a non-slip design, all of which will make your experience better.

Are you ready for a new adventure with a new partner?

Emalla Eliot Pro Cartridge Needles

3.The Most Special

EMALLA GRAND Wireless Machine

• With a continuously adjustable stroke from 2.4mm-4.2mm total 7 strokes (2.4mm/2.7mm/3.0mm/3.3mm/3.6mm/3.9mm/4.2mm) Switching between different strokes will be much easier! Perfect for all tattoo styles.
• Jump Start Function
• Work timing function
• Space Aluminum material
• USB-C port for fast charging
• Switch to Power Pack / RCA Plug
• Diameter of grip 38mm suits most artists
• Large Battery Capacity 1800mAh
• Adjustable Needle Depth from 0 to 4.2mm
• Removable grip fixture for easy cleaning

EMALLA GRAND Wireless Machine


4.The Most Cost-effective

New EMALLA sets coming!
Take away 6 kinds of tattoo supplies at one time. Combined with the Black Friday discount, this will be the best bang for your buck!
🙌Two set options





5.The Most Suitable For Newbies

 If the novice is still not sure of her/his favourite style or suitable model, we have specially prepared two sample boxes (20pcs per box, 2pcs of each size)to solve the situation.

If you are a "newbie" who has never used EMALLA before, this is also a great opportunity. After all, on Black Friday, our free shipping offer is unprecedented.

emalla eliot cartridge needles sample boxes sizes
emalla eliot cartridge needles sample boxes sizes

emalla eliot cartridge needles sample boxes

With so many products introduced, have you figured out what to buy on Black Friday? Hurry up and add them to your shopping cart!
Next up are the most highly anticipated Black Friday discounts:

BLACK FRIDAY | Enjoy the biggest savings of 2023

Normal Times Black Friday
$16.99 shipping fee
on orders less than $199
🔥Free Shiping On Everything!
No Minimums, No Limits!
Save 5% on Orders $300+ 🔶Save 10% on Orders $200+
Save 8% on Orders $600+ 🔷Save 15% on Orders $300+

🎉Save on cartridges, machines, power supplies & more at

✨Valid Time: November 20 - November 30



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