EMALLA Eliot Cartridges Needles in individual package

April Surprise Events

Will you be the lucky one who gets the EMALLA prize?

In April, EMALLA has a lot of activities waiting for you to join us. This month's events are packed with great prizes, and you'll have the chance to get a free t-shirt, cartridges and even the latest wireless tattoo pen! Let's take a look!

🎁New EMALLA Giveaway🎁

New EMALLA Giveaway event

How to enter:
✨Follow @emalla.official On Instagram
✨Like @emalla.official Giveaway Post
✨Tag at least An Artist Friend
✨Share This Post to Your Story
✨Comment includes hashtag #emallagrand

You will have a chance to win:
1️⃣One 1st prize:
-->1 pc of EMALLA Grand Wireless Pen Machine
-->10boxes of EMALLA Eliot Cartridges
-->1 pc of EMALLA Pro Team Hoodie
-->1 pc of EMALLA Lanyard
2️⃣One 2nd prize:
-->20boxes of EMALLA Eliot Cartridges
-->1 pc of EMALLA Pro Team T-shirt
-->1 pc of EMALLA Lanyard
3️⃣Three 3rd prize:
-->100$ off coupon for https://shop.emallatattoo.com/

Good luck!

(This giveaway activity will run until midnight 25/4/2023. Winner to be announced on 26/4/2023. Please make sure that @emalla.official have explanation right of this activity)




*Get a box of EMALLA Eliot Cartridges for only $1 USD free shipping.
*EMALLA Sec-killing lasts 5 days, upload 5 different common sizes everyday, 10 boxes of each size.
*Sec-killing products cannot be purchased with other ones at the same time.
*Limit to purchase one box per customer.
*Sec-killing products do not accept returns and refunds.

⏰ Date: April 17th-21st, 2023


In addition to that, we have daily discounts.
Review under any of our products and the system will automatically issue a 5% discount code.

Hope you are the lucky one!

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