emalla eliot cartridge needles

EMALLA Photography Contest

During the month of October we held a photo contest to find the quality, creative and impressive photos of EMALLA Eliot Cartridges. There were many great entries that came out of these competitions. Let's take a look!


"So about Emalla cartridges! Of all the brands i have tested, Emalla has been definitely my all time favorite for sure. Top notch quality in every needle. I think there has been no needle that would had issues during use. Boxes and cartridge packages has a high quality feel as a sliding box is easy to use and looks clean and cartridges separate nicely without much forcing. The main thing about needles themselves that i love the most is the clear blue cartridge casing design. Definitely cleanest design in a market atm. Also variety of different type of needles is huge so all in all best needle brand in my opinion.

Before I moved to Emalla I used mainly kwadron and I still think they have a smallest needle ”wigle” in a tip but in my use they to clogh easy and ink flow suffers. Emalla has same type of cartridge design but a bit wider tip. Just thought that the ink flow stays consistent but that it doesn't create sise movement for a needle."

emalla eliot cartridge needles


Check out this fun and impressive photo of Voldemort using an Emalla cartridge as a wand, would you like to try its power?

emalla eliot cartridge needles


"I love working with the Emalla tattoo pen + needles combo!
I highly recommend them, check out their page @emalla.official
PS: I'm sharing with you the prize I won at the Lyon convention."

emalla eliot cartridge needles

emalla eliot cartridge needles


What a dreamy shot with the interplay of red and blue!

emalla eliot cartridge needles


Beautiful photo, do you like it?

emalla eliot cartridge needles


"I have been using Emalla products for a few months now and I really like your needles because they are very good for their firm line and making shadows is more practical.

For the emalla photo contest, I was inspired by your color presentation and also looking for the same professional quality of photography if you are looking for professional quality in your product !"

emalla eliot cartridge needles

Which one is your favorite?

If you've been looking for high quality cartridges on the market, then I highly recommend you give EMALLA  a try and you won't be disappointed! About the Emalla Eliot Cartridge Needles, in a nutshell, I would describe it with 4 S, Security、Stable、Smooth、Sharp.

Try it now!

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