Safety and clean of EMALLA ELIOT cartridge needles with details of needle tips

Why choose EMALLA?

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Since the establishment of EMALLA brand, we never stopped inviting tattoo artists and suppliers from all over the world to test EMALLA ELIOT cartridge needles.

We focus on quality, we adopt the recommendations, and we keep improving. That's why so many tattoo artists choose EMALLA.We are glad to share the objective feedback of them.


" I had the opportunity to try EMALLA cartridges and the luck of joining the PRO TEAM of artists sponsored by this serious company. The quality of their products is impressive. I am proud to represent the EMALLA brand in Italy. "

——Lorenzo Guadagnuolo from Italy

" These needles are awesome!! The quality is seriously amazing! Go give them a follow, and try these out! "

——Melissa Storm from New Zealand


" I'm using Emalla tattoo cartridges for my work and here is why good quality-reliable cartridges construction that performs its function perfectly. soft shadows and clear lines the pigment fits gently under the skin and does not injure it and I like their design. "

——Johan Castillo from Venezuela


" Put these cartridges to the test and they are great!
Great shape
Consistent ink flow
Accurate Slot design fits great in my ergo x1 grip
Soft and Strong Flexibility Membrane Material
Needles stay sharp throughout a day of tattooing
Stoked to be apart of the pro team. "

——Elric Gordon from Australia

" Thank u for your support & sponsorship @emalla.official, the cartridge needles are very sharp, which is a very efficient way for the artist to finish the tattoo. Glad to be in your team. "

——Nick Tran from Australia

" The best needles I've tried, great sharpness and precision at the time of injection. EMALLA highly recommended artists. "

——Christian Enrique Silva Silva from Spain


" I use Emalla needles because:
They are the lightest needles I have ever tattooed
They achieve soft shadows but also very intense fills
The lines are truly accurate
The material for me is of great quality "

——Borja Amez de la Fuente from Spain

" This year I got to know the EMALLA cartridges, top quality and with super precision for my tattoos. Very happy for this partnership! "

——Eder Medeiros Galdino from Brazil


" I recently tried EMALLA’s sample set and I absolutely love these needles. They’re liners are perfect for making sharp crisp lines. Their shaders / mags make packing color easy to do with smooth blends! "

——Kevin Boudreau from USA

" In my work I use EMALLA modules. I have been using them for two months. No complaints !!! They paint well both color and halftones, the liners also made me happy! "

——Поляков Руслан Георгиевич from Russia

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