Overall and Individual Package of Emalla Eliot Cartridge Needles from different views

Quality creates profession

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Eliot cartridge is the craftsmanship of EMALLA Tattoo Brand for every artist and varieties of tattoo styles.

After trying many kinds of cartridges, you will find that EMALLA Eliot Cartridge Needles is the best choice of you for shader and liner. It condenses many advantages like safe, sharp, stable and so on, while others often only have one or some of them.

With EMALLA Eliot cartridges, to maximize the tattoo artist's superb technique and use of color, and to show the real work of the creator. Let's ask some professional artists what they think of EMALLA needles.

"For a few months I have been working with these cartridges, it is a great material for both shade line treatment and color injection."

——Andres Jaime from Chile

"I tried these needles first time last year and I was impressed straight away with their performance!! The Liners are so sharp and optimal for long sessions, the point won’t open up even after several hours (something I always struggle with using different cartridges).
My lines are so neat and clean with these cartridges, they make so easy to reach excellent result "

——Silvia Fava from Australia

"These cardridges are truly amazing working needles for every style of tattooing!! Good good quality."

——Wesley Whistler from Netherland

"What I like most about the EMALLA Eliot Cartridges is the precision of the cartridges of lines, without vibration and easy pigmentation, in addition to that it has a good durability of its thread during the tattoo in any skin type, the paint cartridges are even more resistant, applying the pigment solidly when needed and without harming the skin."

——Mauricio from USA

"I am very satisfied with the quality of the cartridges, the injection is wonderful and helps my work to have more property and be more precise..."

——Alex Oprea from Romania

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