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How to choose tattoo wireless pen?

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Are you used to tattooing with traditional coil machine, rotary machine or the latest wireless pen?

Most tattooers that have experienced the freedom of a wireless machine won’t go back to cables. They'll love the feeling of freedom and get as creative as they want.

So far, we launched 2 wireless pens, so how to choose the best machine for you? Our guide will help you find a machine that you like.


Here you can see the technical features of the EMALLA EAGE :

  • Low vibration and volume
  • Stroke of 3.5mm
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Featuring a built-in menu via digital display. 
  • Suitable for liner and shader
  • Manufactured according to medical standard
emalla eage pen machine

EAGE equipped 2 pcs of disposable silicone grips in different length, which can be used to change the original grip. You can choose the one that fits you best during tattooing. It's suitable for beginners and professional artists, and gives tattooists different using feelings.


Here you can see the technical features of the EMALLA AVON :

  • Stroke of 3.5mm
  • 2 modules of wireless and traditional version
  • Short charging time while long working time
  • 160g ultra light body weight
  • Manufactured according to medical standard
emalla avon tattoo pen machine

If you are a beginner in tattoo industry, we highly recommend AVON tattoo machine. There are 2 modules for artists to choose: Wireless and Traditional Version. When battery is running out, they can change to traditional version. In addition, user-friendly interface with only 3 big and simple buttons so that artists can spend more time in their art without touching by mistake.


After getting your tattooing machine, you should know how to use and maintain it in the daily work.

1. Using Needles that Match the Machine

Ensure they are membrane cartridges before putting needles into the machine. The purpose of the membrane is creating a barrier to prevent ink and bodily fluids from being sucked back into the machine. This is particularly important for pen-style machines. Any liquid introduced to moving parts and digital components can corrode them. If you are using Emalla tattoo machine, it's best to configure Emalla Eliot cartridge needles. Don't go cheapo on your artwork and clients.

2. Suitable cord and rated voltage

If you use a cheap cord and charger with the incorrect voltage, your machine is even damaged! Most tattoo machines will come with a cable, but if you want extra, buy from the same company where you bought the tattoo machine and match the voltage requirements with the manual.

3.Avoid over cleaning

    Please remember that most liquids are corrosive. If cleaning or disinfecting agents get inside the machine, electrical and mechanical parts may corrode. Therefore, never immerse the machine in disinfectant. Do not spray the machine directly, but spray a clean rag, and then wipe the body clean with it.


    At the end of this article, we have great news to announce:

    A brand new wireless pen is making for you!

    Let us know in the comments & stay tuned for more information!

    emalla brand new tattoo wireless pen


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