Tattoo artists at the Birmingham Tattoo Convention in Alabama sponsored by EMALLA

Birmingham Tattoo Convention

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Birmingham Tattoo Convention was held at BJCC (Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex) in Alabama on 7-9th, October 2022. Birmingham Tattoo Convention was founded by tattoo artist Danny Fugate. He and the crew at Ambition Tattoo are set on bringing the best tattooing experience possible to the greater Birmingham area.

Artists from all over the country and other countries participated in this huge event. You can experience sideshows, burlesque performances, human suspension, tattoo contests, body jewelry and more at this 3-day live tattooing extravaganza.

many booths at the Birmingham Tattoo Expo in United States supported by EMALLA

So proud to be one of the official sponsors for this tattoo convention with EMALLA Eliot Cartridges and meet almost 100 talented artists there. EMALLA was developed for all tattoo artists, so we attach great importance to the exchange and communication with the artists. With the different tattoo convention, we wanted to offer our artists and partners better experience. That's why we cooperate with so many conventions around the world.

If you see EMALLA products at any convention, go ahead and try it boldly! We promise you will never regret it!

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