blackwork tattoo /goat skull & thunder from @_heukdo

Origins of Terrorism Tattoos

Terrorism tattoos, as an extreme form of body art, trace their origins back several centuries. While modern terrorism tattoos have evolved significantly in form and content, their roots can be foun...
studio ghibli tattoos

Anime Theme- Studio Ghibli Tattoos

Today, we're talking about Studio Ghibli tattoos. Studio Ghibli is clearly one of the greatest animation studios in the world, and just recently, the movie The Boy and the Heron, released in 2023, ...
portrait tattoos

10 Amazing Portrait Tattoos

Tattoo culture has evolved and produced a very wide range of genres and expressions, traditional, new school, Japanese, realism and so on. But today we are going to talk about portrait tattoos. As ...
one piece tattoos

Anime Theme - One Piece Tattoos

As one of the best-selling and best-known manga titles of all time, One Piece has captured a ton of fans around the globe with its gorgeous and magnificent sea adventures. Accordingly many have cho...
20 cute and spooky halloween tattoos

20 Halloween Tattoos-Cute or spooky?

Although we just passed Friday the 13th, Halloween will soon be here again! Are you ready for a Halloween flash this year? If you still don't know any good ideas to make your Halloween tattoos more...
Three fine line tattoos


Fine line tattoos are the latest trend. Most of the fine line tattoos are very delicate and they have simple and clean lines. It doesn't take up too much skin, but the effect is outstanding. Let's ...
Three excellent tattoo artworks of anime theme by EMALLA sponsored tattoo artists


Nowadays, anime tattoos have taken their place among tattoo works. Many people will choose to get an anime tattoo and that really looks fantastic.
Five excellent and colorful tattoo artworks created by Emalla pro team artists

It's Christmas!

Have you participated in the EMALLA X-MAS giveaway? Are you the lucky one who won the biggest prize?  Please don’t be sad, if you didn’t get Emalla cartridges in this activity. EMALLA Christmas Di...
Five excellent tattoo artworks of realism created by Emalla pro team artists


How to create a 3D work of art on something 2D like skin, that's what we introduce in this article - Realism Tattoo. Since 15th century Realism begins to rise and appears in people's sight, but it ...