Spider-Man tattoo work created by EMALLA ELIOT cartridges needles

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For many years EMALLA® has endeavored not only to develop and build high quality tattoo products but also to acquire the best possible reputation as a company that really cares about customers. When tattoo artists work with EMALLA® , they know exactly what we are doing for.

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"Enjoyed working with Emalla needle cartridges. To be honest they are more than I expected, real quality. The more I use them the more I fell in love. Excelent needle cartridge. High precision and cutting. Very good! Design premium! " Spomo Ubiparipović said

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The concept of EMALLA® brand is to "MAKE TATTOOING SAFE". We put the soul into the brand, so EMALLA® brand tattoo products lead the industry in design and top end-quality. We are dedicated to offer premium products and customer service, and we believe in stay aligning business with customer’s needs is the best way to promote our business flourishing. 

Today, we are the main market leader in innovative. High quality tattoo equipment, distributing our tattoo products to most countries around the world. EMALLA® brand tattoo equipment will truly help tattoo artists perform at their highest potential and create greatest tattoo masterpiece! 

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A tattoo work created by EMALLA ELIOT cartridges needles


We produce powerful and reliable tattoo machines, safe tattoo needles in numerous configurations. We would like to thank all of the artists for their many years of continuous support, inspiration and trust in our products. To keep better future!

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A tattoo work created by EMALLA ELIOT cartridges needles


We serve customers from the world, and we’re still growing. But our vision won’t change to offer the best products and support to our customers and distributors. Welcome to join our Pro Team and work with EMALLA®.

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A tattoo work created by EMALLA ELIOT cartridges needles


Our goal is to show our appreciation and respect for the history, culture of tattooing by providing the very best products to the artists. Clients are on the safe side when you purchase from an official store or authorized EMALLA® distributors.

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A realism tattoo work created by EMALLA ELIOT cartridges needles


We’re always looking for excellent tattoo artists to join us and grow with EMALLA®. Our Pro team will spread products including tattoo machines, cartridges to the world by professional honest reviews, videos, articles and pictures.

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