Emalla Cartridges: First vs. Second Generation

Emalla Cartridges: First vs. Second Generation

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Before we introduce Emalla first-generation cartridges, we want tattoo artists to know that there have been as many as 305 models of first-generation cartridges, so to better introduce them, let's start with the most basic information.

If you are a professional tattoo artist, please skip all of the following to reach the first generation introduction. If you are a novice tattoo artist just starting out, we hope the information will be helpful.

Tattoo Needles Categories

When it comes to cartridge models, there are four most common and widespread configurations.

  • Round Liner
  • Round Shader
  • Magnum
  • Curved Magnum (Weaved Magnum/ Soft Edge Magnum)
The different models are determined by the different arrangement of the needles. Although it is one needle, it is actually made up of many needles converging on the same needle handle.Therefore these most common needles have different uses: shading, color fill, (thick)lines, details, etc.

     Details of EMALLA ELIOT Tattoo Cartridge Needles Hollow Point from front view

    Needle Model Meaning

    What information can we learn from the model number of the needle? Here is an example.


    ① 08-----Diameter. The diameter of the tattoo needle is the measurement of the thickest point of the tattoo needle.It usually has the following common diameters.

    • #04:0.18mm
    • #06:0.20mm
    • #08:0.25mm
    • #10:0.30mm
    • #12:0.35mm
    • #14:0.40mm

    Among them, needles with a diameter of less than 0.30mm are also known as bugpin.

    ② 03-----Needle count. It refers to the number of needles grouped together and attached to the needle bar.This picture is a cross section of XX03 RL.

    RL-----Type of tattoo needles.

    • RL: Round Liner
    • RS: Round Shader
    • MG: Magnum
    • CM: Curved Magnum (Weaved Magnum/ Soft Edge Magnum)

      L-----Taper lengths. The taper is the part of the needle that tapers from the stem to the tip. It usually has the following common tapers.

      • M - Medium taper:1.5mm-2.5mm
      • L - Long taper:2.5mm-3.5mm
      • XL- Extra Long Taper:5.5mm

       Please note that this range is not fixed and usually varies from brand to brand, so look for specific details when shopping.


      Details of cartridge needle tips of EMALLA ELIOT Tattoo Cartridge Needles


      Emalla Eliot vs. Emalla Eliot Pro

      EMALLA presents two standout products: EMALLA ELIOT Cartridge Needles and EMALLA ELIOT PRO Cartridge Needles. Let's delve into a detailed comparison to help you choose the perfect fit for your tattooing needs and preference.

      Material & Appearance

      Emalla Eliot Cartridges and Emalla Eliot Pro Cartridges are both high-quality tattoo cartridge needles made with imported Japanese stainless steel needles and PC material shell (which offers more safety than the PVC material).

      Emalla Eliot Pro Cartridge Needles use Color caps design (Blue: Round Liner/ Green: Round Shader/ White: Curved Magnum/ Grey: Magnum) for easy identification of the tattoo cartridge needle configuration, help you find the right tattoo cartridge needle quicker and work even faster.

      Additionally, Emalla Eliot and Emalla Eliot Pro feature different vent designs and non-slip designs.

      Membrane & Stability System

      Emalla Eliot Cartridge Needles have a soft and highly flexible membrane with 4 ribs to ensure proper tension without the risk of breakage. This perfect tension membrane system ensures that Emalla Eliot always delivers outstanding results with every use, whether it's for lining or shading.

      Differing from the relatively soft membrane of Emalla Eliot, Emalla Eliot Pro employs a medium-tension membrane that exerts stronger pressure during tattooing. The enclosed three-ring silicone membrane technology tightly combines the membrane with the membrane cap, effectively preventing ink backflow and ensuring the safety of the tattoo machine.

      Emalla Eliot and Emalla Eliot Pro Cartridge Needles both have a square designed plastic bars to fix cartridge needle stably.


      Emalla Eliot Cartridge Needles and EMALLA ELIOT Pro Cartridge Needles are both highly praised for their exceptional quality and performance by tattoo artists of all levels. The choice ultimately boils down to your individual needs and preferences.



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