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Real reviews from artists--May 2023

Real reviews from the tattoo artists. Recorded their real feelings about the use of emalla cartridges. Let's take a look together!
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Friends, it's that time of the month again to see what the tattoo artists have to say, are you looking forward to it?
Let's see what exciting comments the tattoo artists are saying this time!

🔥Comments on the EMALLA Eliot Cartridges Round Liner

@killinkmesoftly from Germany

"Hi guys, I can recommend these needles to you. super quality very high quality processed. finally got my favorite needles thanks ❤️ Greetings OceanSkillz"


Black and grey tattoo of a horse wearing a helmet


@studio.ink.916 from America

"I Love These cartridges…. i do fine line work and some permanent make up. I was in search of a big pin cartridge that didn’t splatter or pool all over my little details…. Finally i found them. These never let me down. The perfect amount of flow and they stay sharp for my whole tattoo.. Thanks Emalla!"


Compass fine line tattoo


@kail_tattoo from America

"Emalla needles are an indispensable tool in the world of tattooing and, in my opinion, are one of the best options available in the market. The quality of the material used in the manufacture of these needles is exceptional, which guarantees their durability and reliability during use. I would definitely recommend these needles to any tattoo artist looking for the best for their work."


Portrait tattoos of ancient figures


🔥Welcome to the reviews of EMALLA Eliot Cartridges Round Shader

@elsuxiorodriguez from America

"The best cartridges in the market right now, good price and better quality, I used them all but my go to’s are the round shaders."


Kamado Tanjirou colorful tattoo surrounded by flames


🔥Next is EMALLA Eliot Cartridges Magnum

🔥Isabela  from the UK

"The product is amazing and the delivery is very fast. I love it and is really good to work with this brand. I totally recommend. The customer support also is very good."


Red flower thin line tattoo


@leandroreyestattoo from Spain

"Las mejores agujas que e probado en 6 años de carrera te dan mucha confianza a la hora de trabajar, super recomendadas. Oh yeah!!!"

"The best needles I've tried in my 6 year career give you a lot of confidence to work with, highly recommended. Oh yeah!"


Man portrait black and grey tattoo


@jwjuliet.tattoo from Singapore

"Cartridges are consistent, one of the best I’ve ever tried. Fits almost to all my machines I’ve own. Didn’t have to force the cartridges in! Prices are slightly higher than other brands but I’d say that you’re actually paying for the good goods!"


Einstein black and grey tattoo


And finally, EMALLA Eliot Cartridges Special Stipple Liner

@nadz_illa from America

"I love Emalla Cartridges. I've tried a bunch of different brands, always thinking I found my favorite so I'd buy all my favorite groupings only to realize I really only liked 1 or 2. I heard about Emalla from Tattoo Shop Talk on YouTube. So I tried them out, now it's the ONLY brand I use. I never have a problem with any of the groupings. I don't have to spend as much time setting up now because I know, no matter what grouping I pick, it's going to be perfect! Thank you Emalla for making cartrid..."


Colorful stars and moon tattoo


@jessenajeratattoo from America

"One of my friends (Luis Pereyra from ink for the soul tattoo) gave me a couple of these stippling needles to try out. I had to buy more! They are really fun to work with and give my delicate style of tattooing a cool look! Thanks so much Eva. "


Colorful anime character tattoo


@jjohlinger from America

"I’ve been using these needles for about a month, I’ve already reordered twice. I’ve been super pleased with the quality and durability."


Colorful birds and flowers tattoo


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