Expo organizer and artists with EMALLA ELIOT cartridges at Tattoo Convention Berlin in Germany



In the past 2022, Emalla Tattoo Brand take part in more than 400 tattoo conventions with our pro team artists, tattoo suppliers and some expo organizers.

We set foot in almost 50 countries all over the world with our Emalla Eliot cartridges and the brand philosophy of us - Make Tattooing Safe. We are committed to bring artists the safest tattoo tools and bring their clients the best tattoo experience.

In this long trip, we gathered a lot of stories with lovely, lovely artists. Let's take a look back!

  1. Body Art Expo Phoenix on 18-20, February, 2022 in the USA
    Emalla at Body Art Expo Phoenix in the USA
  2. InkElite Tattoo Convention on 25-27, March, 2022 in Sweden
    Emalla at Alchemy Tattoo Expo in Sweden
  3. Bologna Tattoo Show on 1-3, April, 2022 in Italy
    Emalla at Bologna Tattoo Show in Italy
  4. Australian Tattoo Expo Sydney on 1-3, April, 2022 in AustraliaEmalla is at Australian Tattoo Expo Sydney
  5. Vicenza Tattoo Convention on 8-10, April, 2022 in ItalyEmalla tattoo brand is at Italian Vicenza Tattoo Convention
  6. Dammarie Tattoo Ink on 16-17, April, 2022 in FranceEmalla cartridges at dammarie tattoo ink in France
  7. Tattoo Artes Leiria on 6-8, May, 2022 in PortugalPortugal tattoo artes leiria with emalla eliot needles
  8. Tattoo Week on 20-22, May, 2022 in Brazilemalla products are at Brazilian tattoo week
  9. Alchemy Tattoo Expo 20-22, May, 2022 in SwitzerlandEmalla pro team artist attended Alchemy Tattoo Expo in Switzerland
  10. Spain Tattoo Convention Marbella on 3-5, June, 2022 in SpainEmalla cartridges at Spanish tattoo convention
  11. Tattoofest Convention Krakow on 11-12, June, 2022 in PolandEmalla pro team artist tattooing at Tattoofest Convention Krakow in Poland
  12. Nix Tattoo Show on 17-19, June, 2022 in CanadaEmalla tattoo brand showing at nix tattoo show in Canada
  13. Leeds Tattoo Expo on 18-19, June, 2022 in the UKemalla sponsored artist at Leeds Tattoo Expo in the UK
  14. Expotatuajemedellin on 15-17, July, 2022 in ColombiaEliot cartridge needles at 12 Expotatuajemedellin 2022 in Colombia
  15. Rubber City Invitational on 29-31, July, 2022 in the USA
    Rubber City Invitational sponsored by emalla tattoo brand in the USA
  16. Homeward Bound Tattoo Expo on 5-7, August, 2022 in the USAAmerican convention Homeward Bound Tattoo Expo sponsored by Emalla
  17. Deauville Tattoo Festival on 20-21, August, 2022 in FranceFrench convention Deauville Tattoo Festival and emalla cartridges
  18. Buga Tattoo Festival on 2-4, September, 2022 in Colombiaemalla product showing at buga tattoo festival in Colombia
  19. The 70'S Tattoo Show on 3-4, September, 2022 in FranceTattoo supplier selling emalla eliot cartridges at The 70'S Tattoo Show in France
  20. Tattoo Convention Memmingen on 10-11, September, 2022 in Germanyemalla sponsored artist at German Tattoo Convention Memmingen
  21. XVIII Natalt Tattoo Expo on 17-18, September, 2022 in BrazilEmalla poster hanging at XVIII Natal tattoo expo in Brazil
  22. Tattoo Convention Berlin on 23-25, September, 2022 in GermanyEmalla Eliot cartridge needles at German Tattoo Convention Berlin
  23. Viva La Tinta on 14-16, October, 2022 in MexicoViva la Tinta Tattoo and Arts Festival in Mexico
  24. MARGARITA INK FEST 14-15, October, 2022 in Venezuelaemalla artists at tattoo expo MARGARITA INK FEST in Venezuela
  25. México Tattoo Convention on 15-16, October, 2022 in Mexicoemalla artist's booth at México Tattoo Convention
  26. BATALLA DEL TATTOO on 15-16, Ocober, 2022 in Chiletable covered by emalla table cover at BATALLA DEL TATTOO in Chile
  27. Villain Arts Tattoo Festivals on 21-23, October, 2022 in the USAemalla pro team artist got award at American biggest tattoo convention Villain Arts Tattoo Festivals
  28. Milano Tattoo Convention on 21-23, October, 2022 in ItalyMilano Tattoo Convention in the capital of Italy, Milan
  29. Expo Tattoo Jamundí on 29-30, October, 2022 in Colombiaconvention organizers of expo tattoo jamundi in Colombia
  30. Comic Ink Convention on 5-6, November, 2022 in ChileEmalla tattoo brand and Comic Ink Convention in Chile