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These 4 artists are making their impact on the industry.

Meet 4 Emalla-sponsored tattoo artists, each with a unique perspective on the industry. In this blog, we spotlight four remarkable artists and feature an exclusive interview with one of them. Discover their unique styles, sources of inspiration, and triumphs.

Check out all their unique styles and insights.
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Today we're happy to introduce a couple of exceptional tattoo artists from Emalla Pro Team. You might have been following them for a long time, but we can't help but emphasize just how truly remarkable these artists are. So, without further ado, let's dive in and get to know them better! 
@denisseveayra based in USA
Emalla sponsored tattoo artist Denisse Veayra

Denisse Veayra is a multi-award winning Mexican tattoo artist specialized in black and grey realism/surrealism style. With many years dedicated to her professional tattooing career, her strong desire for growth, evolution, and international artistic connections prompted her to make a significant move to the United States.

As well as being a dedicated tattoo artist, Denisse also loves other forms of art such as drawing and painting. Every tattoo she creates is a unique, customized masterpiece, inspired by the brief ideas shared by her clients.

The themes she enjoys working with include nature, animals, portraits, magic, cosmic, movies, and horror, just to name a few. She imparts a dark touch to every piece and consistently explores the dynamic interplay between realism and surrealism, as well as concepts of light and darkness. Denisse refrains from working on religious, pre-Hispanic architecture, geometric, watercolor pieces, or any other style that cannot be executed effectively with black and gray or that does not align with her artistic vision. She doesn’t tattoo designs that are considered cliche, as her passion lies in crafting unique and customized pieces for her clients.

Black and grey tattoo work by Emalla tattoo artist Denisse Veayra

@zakitattoo based in Stockholm, Sweden
emalla sponsored tattoo artist zaki

Zaki is a renowned tattoo artist and the co-owner of Old Number 5 Tattoo Parlour in Stockholm, Sweden. With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, he has perfected his craft into a true art form. Specializing in black and grey realistic tattoos, his work tells a unique story through smooth shading and attention to detail.

Zaki's artistic repertoire embraces an array of themes that reflect his eclectic taste. Whether it's the enchanting world of film, the vibrant tapestry of pop culture, the corridors of history, or the untamed beauty of nature, he, as a dedicated tattoo artist, breathes life into each tattoo with a profound passion for storytelling.

He has a passion for traveling, and is very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work tattoo conventions and guest spots across the globe throughout the years.

A Persian themed sleeve: the Persian Leopard tattoo

@isacthekid based in Istanbul, Turkey

Emalla sponsored tattoo artist Batuhan Arda Şahin

Batuhan Arda Şahin is an accomplished tattoo artist with many years of experience in the industry. He specializes in the New School Tattoo Style and possesses a deep passion for drawing and creating cartoon designs. His talent for the art of tattooing is truly unparalleled.

As he actively participated in international tattoo conventions, his work left a lasting impression on countless people. Repeatedly winning awards at renowned conventions serves as a testament to his exceptional talent in the world of tattoo artistry.

Now, let's take a look at one of his stunning creations - the Rocket Raccoon tattoo. Do you like it?

colorful Rocket Racoon tattoo

@ina_pineapple_tattoo based in Slovenia 

Emalla sponsored tattoo artist Ina Pineapple

Ina Pineapple has been tattooing for many years. An esteemed tattoo artist hailing from Slovenia. Renowned for her expertise in color tattoos, realism, and surrealism, she seamlessly blends artistry and imagination to create breathtaking tattoos. Each stroke of the needle is infused with passion and purpose, resulting in tattoos that are as unique as the individuals who wear them.

colorful cool cat tattoo by Emalla sponsored tattoo artist Ina Pinapple

We've also invited Ina Pineapple to do a special interview with her. If you're interested in her tattoo style don't miss it.

1.How did your tattoo career begin?

My passion for art blossomed in my early years, thanks in large part to my father, who is also an artist. As I entered my teenage years, I found myself captivated by shows like LA Ink, and became almost entranced by Kat von D. It was during this time that I realized tattooing was my true calling, though I didn't initially have the confidence to believe I could turn it into a viable career.

Opting to attend a fine arts college, I embarked on a path to become a teacher of fine arts. Concurrently, I began to delve into tattooing, self-teaching along the way. I spent a significant amount of time honing my skills on synthetic skin before mustering the courage to work on real canvases. There were moments of struggle and self-imposed pressure, where I yearned for results that seemed just out of reach. Eventually, I took a hiatus from tattooing for a few years. Then, in 2019, I decided it was time to chase my dreams once more. I took a position as a resident artist in a studio, and by January 2020, I had the immense joy of opening my own studio.

2.How would you describe your tattoo style? How did you develop this style?

It's a bit challenging to sum it up in just one word, but if I had to, I'd say it leans heavily towards surrealism. I enjoy weaving together a diverse range of styles and techniques. Typically, I kick off with color realism, then infuse it with various artistic influences. I have a deep affection for abstraction and the incorporation of graphic elements.
My artistic journey began with the simplicity of black and gray tattoos, gradually transitioning into a love for realism. Over time, I introduced color into my work. I firmly believe that grasping the fundamentals is crucial before embarking on the path to developing a unique style. And naturally, my style continues to evolve, a process I anticipate will accompany me throughout my entire career.

3.What are your most commonly used Emalla cartridge needles models?

I mostly use curved magnums, as this is the needle I mostly use in my tattoos. If I must choose, I would say it is a curved magnum 11, 23, and 5 and 9 liner and 9 shader.

4.Which was one of your favorite tattoos you had done last year? Could you please talk a little bit about what made it so special?

Over the past year, two tattoos stand out as among my all-time favorites. If I had to pick just one, it would undoubtedly be "Steampunk Kitty." What makes it special is that the client, like many others, granted me complete artistic freedom. I have a profound fondness for the steampunk style, and tattooing fur, especially in the form of cats, brings me immense joy. In the past year, I've dedicated myself to refining my fur technique, and this particular tattoo marked a significant milestone in my progress.

The other cherished piece is a portrait of a woman intertwined with elements of a tree, Phoenix, and crow. When this wonderful lady initially described her vision, I must admit, it was a bit challenging for me to envision. It was meant to symbolize life's journey, navigating through tough times, experiencing rebirth, and ultimately, emerging stronger like a phoenix. I deeply appreciate the profound meaning behind tattoos like this, as they can truly be a source of solace for someone's mental well-being.

This client was understandably apprehensive, as this tattoo held immense significance for her. She entrusted me with the task of bringing her vision to life, and she graciously allowed me full creative reign. In the end, both she and I were overjoyed with the outcome.

5.What are your hobbies outside of tattooing?

Tattooing is my hobby…. Haha… but really, tattooing isn't just a job for me, it's a passion. It might sound cliché, but there's something truly special about having these incredible individuals put their trust in you and grant you artistic freedom. As for my other interests, well, I enjoy dabbling in various DIY projects and indulging in activities like painting, sculpting, and drawing. Time can be quite elusive, so I try to make the most of it. I confess, I do have a soft spot for TV series - they provide a welcome escape!

6.What advice would you give to a tattoo apprentice?

First and foremost, I'd advise against attempting self-teaching at home. It may sound ironic coming from me, but having a mentor can significantly reduce stress and accelerate your progress.
Additionally, as I mentioned earlier, it's crucial to grasp the fundamentals of various styles like grayscale realism, American traditional, new school, and simple line tattoos before honing in on your personal style. This broad foundation opens up a world of possibilities, and you might even discover a style that resonates with you along the way.

Research, research everything! Explore every style and technique out there. Follow a diverse array of artists, and stay updated on the latest and most exciting trends and approaches in the field. Perhaps most importantly, never settle for mediocrity in your work and never be fully satisfied with it. We're all on a perpetual learning curve throughout our careers. Strive for continual improvement, always seek out new challenges, and remember, we're not mere printers; there's always room for growth! Dedicate ample time to drawing, painting, and reading – it's a wellspring of inspiration and knowledge!
Tree, phoenix and crow color tattoo

These are really great tattoo artists and hopefully the Emalla cartridges will contribute to their tattoo work.

We'll be featuring more Emalla sponsored tattoo artists in the future, what are some of your favorites? Subscribe to us now!

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Isaías Freitas

Isaías Freitas

hello! My name is Isaias Freitas, I’m a tattoo artist in the city of Porto – Portugal
I would like to know if you are accepting members for the pro team!?
I’ve been a tattoo artist for 7 years!

- instagram:

- I participated in the Oporto Tattoo 2023 convention I didn’t achieve anything

- I won third place at the Amazon Ink Anime Dotwork 2022 convention
third place, in londramatattoo anime fullcolour 2022
first place, anime whipshading at amazon tattoo fest 2022
7 more online awards

hello! My name is Isaias Freitas, I’m a tattoo artist in the city of Porto – Portugal
I would like to know if you are accepting members for the pro team!?
I’ve been a tattoo artist for 7 years!

- instagram:

- I participated in the Oporto Tattoo 2023 convention I didn’t achieve anything

- I won third place at the Amazon Ink Anime Dotwork 2022 convention
third place, in londramatattoo anime fullcolour 2022
first place, anime whipshading at amazon tattoo fest 2022
7 more online awards

Anıl şentürk

Anıl şentürk

Hello, what do I need to do to get sponsorship? My instagram address is anilsenturktattoo

Hello, what do I need to do to get sponsorship? My instagram address is anilsenturktattoo

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