An EMALLA Pro Team tattooist is tattooing with EMALLA pen and cartridge needle


For many years EMALLA® has endeavored not only to develop and build high quality tattoo products but also to acquire the best possible reputation as a company that really cares about customers. When tattoo artists work with EMALLA® , they know exactly what we are doing for.

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"I met EMALLA needles they have been my best choice. It gives me exactly the quality I need to deliver the best result in all the tattoos I do. " Raya Souza said

Four pieces of realism tattoo works done with eliot cartridges by emalla sponsored artist

pro team program

EMALLA tattoo is continuously looking for great tattoo artists around the world to join our family. We aim to provide professional tattoo products to the tattoo artists who are dedicate to pursue the highest tattoo work in the tattoo industry.

pro team artist program

We consider it our job to offer tattoo artists equipment that makes their works as easy as possible and have been working with a selected group of artists in order to offer real added value to the market if we know exactly what they need. Join our program below and let us make our industry move forward together!

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