Melbourne based woman tattoo artist Becky Salter in EMALLA pro team




In parts of EMALLA pro team, female tattoo artists create amounts of pretty and incredible art works.
In a male dominated industry where women occupy only one fourth space,
but women can be as epic in the tattoo industry as any man can.
We are proud of these talented women.

Let us introduce those best female tattoo artists.

One of Emalla pro team female tattoo artists Becky Salter

Becky Salter

Instagram: @beckysaltertattoo

Becky Salter is based in Melbourne, Australia and has been tattooing for more than 12 years.

Her love of art started very, very young, maybe around the age of 4. With years of practice and study, she becomes an awesome and professional artist.

Now she is the owner of the studio @reverencetattoomelbourne and specialized in black and grey tattoos. The art is her passion which she would love to make it for a living.

One of Emalla prot eam female tattoo artists Luara Konieczna

Laura Konieczna

Instagram: @candy_ink_

Laura Konieczna was born in Poland and has been tattooing for 9 years. The tattoo style she specialized in is nontraditional.

She is good at mixingshiningand all kinds of animals to create absolutely gorgeous works.

We are truly honored to welcome Laura to EMALLA family in this hot July!Can't wait to see what amazing pieces she will make in the future!

One of Emalla pro team female tattoo artists Naty Álvarez

Naty Alvarez

Instagram: @natyalvareztattoo

Naty Alvarez has been tattooing for 7 years and based in Medellín, Colombia.

As her use of color and the depiction of details is very mature, she is good at both Black & Gray Realism and Color Realism.

She is keen to present tattoo conventions, such as Expo Tatuaje Medellín, Rio Negro Tattoo Fest and so on where she has benefited a lot through communicating and studying.

One of Emalla pro team female tattoo artists Doris Lam

Doris Lam

Instagram: @dorisu_tattoo

Doris Lam is from Preston, U.K and tattooing in With Heart Tattoo Studio as a present artist.

As a professional artist for years, she is good at all kinds of cute, kawaii, anime characters colorful tattoo styles.

The works she made are just lovely and attractive. Follow me to appreciate her works!

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