Five excellent and colorful tattoo artworks created by Emalla pro team artists

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Maybe you will confuse:

What magic and attraction do Emalla Eliot cartridges have?

What amazing artworks can be created with Emalla Eliot cartridges?

Today we will share some tattoos full of bright colors, smooth lines and fantastic design.

  • Full Sleeve Piece of Cosmic Girl

Done by Kseniya Narutskaya from Soligorsk, Belarus
Cosmic Girl full seelve tattoo work
  • 2nd place BEST REALISTIC COLOR at Utrecht Tattoo Convention

Done by Tomasz Blaszczak from Wroclaw, Poland

  • Beautiful Botanica and Robin Tattooed on Thigh

Done by Monika Boo from Lithuania

Botanica and Robin neotraditional colorful tattoo

  • Awesome Smoking Panda with Sunglasses

Done by Brodie Leisure from Perth, Australia

tattoo design of a Cute Smoking Panda with Sunglasses

  • Cute Cat with Blue Eyes

Done by Alexander Romashev from Moscow, Russia

Cute Cat with Blue Eyes artwork

Which piece do you like best? Please don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

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