The new Eliot pro series currently launched by Emalla has also been widely praised, and many Eliot series enthusiasts have also tried it. What real evaluations will they make for these two products? Let’s take a look!
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Since the Eliot Pro series was launched, many professional tattoo artists who have tried Eliot and those who have never tried it are often very curious about it. In order to better understand the features of the Eliot Pro series, let’s take a look at some real reviews from customers who have purchased it!


@Denis Sadovnikov from the Germany

"This new Eliot Pro series is amazing. Unbelievable stable and precise. Thin accurate lines, full of ink. Also clean clear dots with whip shading. Less damage of the skin = fast and good healing. Can’t even imagine now any other needles for Fineline and whip shading."


@Kyrylo Muzychenko from the Germany

"The new Eliot pro needles are now my favorite. I only work with them. Sharp, thin, smooth, stable. Definitely recommend!"


@Catherine Detilloux from the Belgium

"My new favourite needles ! So soft, so stable and accurate… Don't hesitate to order, you won't be disappointed! These needles are a real revelation for me 🥰❤️"


@Oscar Canal from the USA

"This new generation needles are a game changer, they are more stable and faster. I was at the Orlando Tattoo Show last weekend, i won second place in Old School Category, for shure i could work faster and i felt a real difference. More than happy to share my experience and recommend this needles."


@Angela Carvajal from the Colombia

"Muchas gracias a emalla, me encantaron los cartuchos y sin duda los seguiré usando🥰"


@Double One from the Australia

"EMALLA is the perfect tattoo needle,when is comes to these needles they dont ever ever fail you. Its crazy how affordable they are and they be so great honestly i think everyone needles to buy these.Lucy so friendly and helpful, explained everything very clearly.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"


@Alessa Rünzi from the Switzerland

"I love the needles from Emalla. They really are by far the best needles I have tested so far. Price performance simply top"


@Michael Schmitz from the USA

"Very smooth clean easy to pull lines


@Juan david Bolaños from the USA

"The best cartridges 10/10"


@Yakir Yarimi from the USA

"The best needles in the industry today, one level above them all - always sharp and the performance never disappoints!! There is no doubt that since I have been using your needles my work has improved a lot"

After reading the above-mentioned real reviews from customers on our website, are you attracted by our Eliot Pro series? Action is worse than excitement, come and try it to create your ideal work!
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