Overall and Individual Package of Emalla Eliot Cartridge Needles from different views

Real reviews from artists--April 2023

For the brand EMALLA, some tattoo artists who have not used it are waiting and seeing. But there are many other tattoo artists who have used it to give their own answers to their experiences, so let's take a look!
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Since the creation of the EMALLA brand, we have won the trust and support of many tattoo artists with the excellent quality of our products. For the different models of cartridges, let's see what they all have to say!


 "Super needles, the thinnest screed, no play, the best for fine line😍"

Thin line tattoo of a colorful whale by @valeria.cynath_tattooer


"Emalla .35 - 7 liner is the best I’ve ever used!!!
I’ve had a positive experience with all their cartridges!"

Colorful tattoos of women and skulls by @alkinsellatattoos


"I’ve tried tons of brands and nothing compares, these are superior. from liners to mags, lining to all different styles of shading these have never let me down."

Blackwork style tattoos by @saadmacauley
"My favorite needles. Great liners, and a lot of ink flow, great for pepper shading. I like working with a lot of needle hanging out and I’m able to do that with these."
Black and grey style tattoo of a woman holding a mask by @dianaregalado
"The ONLY cartridges I use. The ink flow is always consistent. I’ve been using Emalla for almost a year and I’ve yet to be disappointed."
Rei Ayanami's black and grey style tattoo by @angiebtattooin
"After years of trying all different cartridge brands, I’m SO HAPPY I FOUND EMALLA!! They work, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Never have problems. They are the only cartridges I use anymore! "
Purple alien color tattoo surrounded by stars by @nadz_illa
"Loving this product so far & High quality always got my work come out so clean! Highly recommended! ❤️🔥👊🏻🙏"
Colorful tattoos of butterflies and flowers by @devo1art

"The absolute best cartridges out there especially for fineline styles💯 I included a healed picture of a piece I recently did using emalla carts only 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽"
Thin line style floral tattoos by @jimmygalan
"I really like these cartridges a lot! They are very comparable to kwadron. They are super smooth and super crisp."
Colorful tattoos of golden flying balls by @Tattoos By Nick
"Best quality cartridge on the market."
Black and grey style tattoo by @krispyklean_tattoos
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