Five excellent tattoo artworks of realism created by Emalla pro team artists


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How to create a 3D work of art on something 2D like skin, that's what we introduce in this article - Realism Tattoo. Since 15th century Realism begins to rise and appears in people's sight, but it wasn’t until the invention of the camera that the realistic approach in the arts really took off.

One of the main methods of creating realism tattoo is the mapping of shadows, highlights and contrasts. For anyone who has gotten a realistic tattoo, or has watched stencil placement, you’ve probably noticed the contour lines that outline areas like a topographic map.There are varying ways in which a realist tattooist will work, but what is absolutely sure is that this particular style requires much planning beforehand, along with a lot of skill and technical training.Definitely, good cartridge needles are 100% necessary.

It's an honor that there are also some realist artists in our EMALLA Pro Team. Let's appreciate 5 pieces of awesome ealistic tattoo of them.

  •  Realistic Cat Piece in 12 hours 
Done by @manuelkiroz from Barranquilla, Colombia
cat and butterfly sleeve piece
  • Realistic Tiger Piece on Ink Master Season 14

Done by @djtambe with only a 23 mag EMALLA ELIOT cartridge

tiger realism tattoo works
  • 1st place in Realism at Mexico Tattoo Convention

 Done by @kursi.ocampo from Mexico

elder portrait realistic artwork
  • Realistic Geisha with Fresh Flowers

Done by from Portugal

Realistic tattoo of geisha with pink flowers
  • 1st place in Realism at Spain Tattoo Convention

Done by @christiansilvatattoos from Spain

colorful realism tattoo of a man with glasses


Of course in the process of creating realism tattoos, safe and sharp cartridge needles are essential.

All the above wonderful artworks are done with EMALLA ELIOT cartridges needles.

Furthermore, we launched sample box for artists who want to try different sizes one time.

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