Three fine line tattoos


Fine line tattoos are the latest trend. Most of the fine line tattoos are very delicate and they have simple and clean lines. It doesn't take up too much skin, but the effect is outstanding. Let's take a look together.
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Fine line tattoo, as the name implies, consists of ultra fine lines for tattoos. Usually, most of them use only one tattoo needle, so the design is simple and beautiful. Anyway, when you find some cool fine lines, you can quickly recognize it as a fine line tattoo.If you're looking for some great fine line tattoo ideas, this article is for you.

Delicate, this is usually the first impression people have of a fine line tattoo. Because the lines are simple and clean, people can usually appreciate the design and details of the tattoo better.

In EMALLA Pro Team, there are also many tattoo artists who are very good at the fine line tattoo style and create many amazing fine line tattoo ideas. Let's take a look at some of their wonderful work.

Since the fine line tattoo is simply a distinction of paraphernalia rather than content, you will see a great diversity of content. Are you looking for some great fine line tattoo ideas?You'll get some inspiration here.


@anna_bravo_ from France
Fine line tattoo of an Egyptian dressed hairless cat manipulating a puppet
Chaos, emotions and balance, we need to find that demarcation point.
Life is all about balance, that's what this fine line tattoo of Anubis and the puppet tries to tell us.

@sollefe from GermanyMedusa fine line tattoo

This is one of my favorite fine line tattoo ideas.
Medusa, the eyes, the hair, thanks to the artist for showing it so well.

@cecilia_artworks from ItalyFine line tattoo of flowers covering a lady's face

This fine line tattoo showcases the style perfectly.
Lady with her face covered by flowers, butterflies fluttering nearby.She looks so serene and beautiful, with extremely fine lines shaping such an atmosphere.

@sonia_tessari from Italy
amazing fine line tattoo
If you're looking for some unique fine line tattoo ideas, then this is it.
Sisu (Finnish): the almost magical art of overcoming challenges with endurance, determination and courage. It is a word related to happiness and nature.
The "untranslatable words," are those words in the various languages of the world, which describe "emotions" that are difficult to explain.

@skvlska from PolandFine line tattoo of flowers and the lady

A girl standing among the flowers on a moonlit night.Without depicting in too many words, let's enjoy this beautiful fine line tattoo together.

@__ttkodi__ from TurkeyFine line tattoo of the lion and flowers

A lion with flowers. We could notice that flowers and plants are a popular content in the fine line tattoo, but when paired with a lion, they can obviously collide in a different way.

@fabiomonth_ from USApuppy fine line tattoo

 Fluffy puppy! This is one of the common fine line tattoo ideas. A needle detailed enough to depict your furry family member.

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