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Excellent needle cartridge ! High Precision and cutting very good, desgin premium ! Soft shadows and clear liners

Emall tattoo pen machines are designed for professional tattoo artist with background in details
EMALLA VAMP Tattoo Pen Rotary Machine (Red, Black) from front view
EMALLA VAMP Tattoo Pen Rotary Machine
Sale price$349.00
Package of EMALLA GRAND Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine from front view
EMALLA GRAND Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine
Sale priceFrom $179.00
EMALLA EAGE Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine from front view
EMALLA EAGE Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine
Sale price$599.00
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four emalla sponsored tattoo artists


These 4 artists are making their impact on the industry.Meet 4 Emalla-sponsored tattoo artists, each with a unique perspective on the industry. In this blog, we spotlight four remarkable artists an...
Three Emalla sponsored female tattoo artists with Emalla products they use

International Women's Day

March 8 is International Women's Day, a holiday established to commemorate the campaign for women's rights. Female tattoo artists and their work are very important in the field of tattooing.
Melbourne based woman tattoo artist Becky Salter in EMALLA pro team


"MEET EMALLA" In parts of EMALLA pro team, female tattoo artists create amounts of pretty and incredible art works. In a male dominated industry where women occupy only one fourth space, but women ...


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Fantastic tattoo artwork are made by Emalla productsA fantastic tattoo artwork is made by Emalla products

about emalla

The concept of EMALLA brand is to "MAKE TATTOOING SAFE",we put the soul into the brand. So EMALLA brand tattoo products lead the industry in design and top end-quality ,we are dedicated to offer premium products and customer service.

EMALLA cartridges are of high quality and reliability when making all kinds of tattoos, I am satisfied with the result, highly recommended

Jonathan Aguirre from Argentina

emalla official pro team

Carlox Angarita with EMALLA cartridges needles in EMALLA pro team

Carlox Angarita

Carlox Angarita was born in Colombia. He has been tattooing since 2004. Specializing in color realism. At first drawing and graffiti but with the help of his friends he got the incentive to begin tattooing. Now he becomes one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world.

Artist Instagram @carloxangaritaart

EMALLA Instagram @emalla.official

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